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Singing Paintings

Interaction Demo

"Private Famous"

12"X12" conductive paint, oil sticks, arduino board

Imagine a world where paintings resonate with melodies, whispering their stories in harmonious tunes. I’ve forged such a realm, blending conductive colors with an Arduino board to translate visuals into sound, transforming observers into conductors of this symphonic narrative. Each proximity to the painting weaves a unique musical tapestry, making the canvas speak its truth. This series encapsulates the poignant protests in Israel, marrying vivid portrayals with corresponding compositions, echoing the unrest and hopes of these times. It’s not merely an artistic expression, but a revolutionary, interactive experience of feeling colors and hearing brush strokes.

The Process

Making The Paint, Testing The Board

Testing Conductive Surfaces

Testing Proximity/PlayabilityFunction

Painting The Painting
and Test Conductivity

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