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Chickadee Tree

"Art will never be able to exist without nature"

Pierre Bonnard

Demo Video

Digital Plan

The chickadee tree is a musical-visual artistic installation, consisting of 106 self-engineered flutes, wind-powered lights, and a live tree. 

Wind passing through the tree is being broken up into the flute's uneven overtones. 

The flute's bodies are made of recycled computer-cooling acrylic tubes, and the heads were designed and manufactured by me with a 3D printer and polylactic acid (derived from corn).

The illumination of the tree is generated by a basic wind turbine, made from a battery, LEDs, recycled PVC tubes, and recycled plastic sheets.

The chickadee tree gets its name from the Black-capped chickadee, a native bird of Massachusetts known for its pleasant, sweet appearance and sound. 

The warning call of this tree is a compelling one, similar to that of the chickadee. 

Imagine if nature could signal to us with natural materials that something is not quite right. This tree flashes during the day using the transparent flutes; makes a whistling sound with the wind and illuminates itself with the wind during the night.

Besides serving as a gift to the community, I see this tree as a musical/visual message for us to do better, and take advantage of what we have, and create a more pleasant environment without harming it.

Chickadee Tree-1.jpg
Chickadee Tree-2.jpg
Chickadee Tree-4.jpg
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